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More than 6 years of updates and improvements!

SpeedSculpt allows you to create very fast characters, manage Dyntopo Sculpting with booleans, cut curves, skin modifier, decimate, etc.


when you sculpt in Dyntopo you have to go into Edit mode or Object mode to perform some operations.

This addon allows you to make those operations directly in your current mode.

You can edit your detail size and make a Detail Flood Fill with a Smooth modifier to smooth your mesh.

You can create surfaces and combine them with your current sculpt.

This addon gives you a lot of tools to do everything you need to create and sculpt your model.

You can see the examples right there ;)

Blender Artist page

Example of workflow of an early version 



You can create primitives, curves, skin easily, add a mirror, make auto parenting etc.

You can use Metaballs and convert them to combine them to your mesh.

You can create Skin mesh to make a base for your sculpt in seconds.

You can create curves, make a mesh from them, or convert them to a skin mesh.


You can create a surface with GP_Lines and Bsurface on your mesh or outside.

You need to activate Bsurface to use GP Lines.

You can create bones to make your character and convert them in one click!


Combine Objects into one mesh in one click!

Useful for 3D Printing.

You can make a difference and even Rebool.

Depending on the Detail size, the operation is longer or faster.

You can use curves to cut objects.

You can cut multiple objects at the same time.


With the Lattices, you can deform your object or several objects at the same time.

On one object, you will have the lattice at the same size of the object and you can use his orientation.

You can edit your lattice and apply or delete it.

On several objects, you can use the active object orientation, you just have to scale your lattice and perform your modifications.


With the Remesh modifier, you can create hard surfaces with great results.

Ready for Sculpting or 3D Printing.


With the Decimate, you can optimize your Dyntopo sculpt and have a lighter mesh to continue your sculpt.

You can also witch part will be decimated with a mask.

You can invert the mask too!


You can extract a surface from your sculpt with a mask.

You can choose to go directly in sculpt or edit the options.

You have a bunch of tools to cut, extract, duplicate, etc.


You can add a Quick Pose to your character.

As you can see, you have a lot of tools to improve your workflow and make fast base mesh for your sculpt.

You have tools to manage your Dyntopo model and you can also make hard surface modeling for 3D Printing or Sculpting.

The documentation will follow soon.




In French.





SUPPORT ON DISCORD : https://discord.gg/ctQAdbY

"Support is only for customers and only per customer, no Group Buy supported!

The addon is cheap, support isn't free, support the devs!"

If you have any issues, to fix them, we need information, so check this video to report them.


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